The Red Sudamericana de Danza (RSD) is an initiative of integration and collaboration among various bodies in dance and culture from countries in South America. With an international scope, RSD currently has 3500 active members in the sector within and outside the geographical territory.

Its main objective is to help enrich Latin American relations projecting a space for exchange and development. The pursuit of this objective is achieved though activities such as regional meetings, training projects, development of tools for sharing information, fostering management skills, support for residencies and artistic projects and editing of publications for the circulation of knowledge generated by the RSD and its members.

The RSD connects interests and issues such as art and social change, communication technologies, art education, artistic creation, production and circulation and supports dance, which investigates, in a broader context, new meanings in the culture. Thus, it promotes synergies, training, and systematization of knowledge circulation, promoting new methods and associative forms of work.