STILL_MÓVIL is a joint initiative between Red Suramericana de Danza and the London-based artist, Manuel Vason. It is an initiative, which reunites within its essence two languages, that are in constant dialogue: photography and performance.

In the course of 2010 and 2011, La Red Sudamericana de Danza commissioned 50 artists, choreographers and dancers from South America to create a new dance piece which could only be viewed through a single image created in collaboration with Manuel Vason. The result of the project is a collection of 45 groundbreaking images. Working amongst 10 countries in South America Vason developed a working methodology, which focuses on workshops, exercises and exchange of roles between the participants. Along with the final 45 images Still_Movil includes videos, text, sound and drawings.

Through this dynamic, STILL_MÓVIL opens new doors for artists experimenting in this territory and reinforces creations based on collaborative processes.

The process of these collaborative actions is documented in this blog and the entire project will be documented through the book STILL_MÓVIL – Performance, Photography, Colaboração, with an estimated launch in 2013. The book will be distributed to educational and cultural institutions and will accompany a touring exhibition throughout 2012, 2013 and 2014 across cultural centres, museums and festivals in South America, Europe and South Africa.

The project is supported by Hivos of the Netherlands Foundation, Municipal Centre of Photography in Montevideo and Ministry of Colombia, and by the collaboration of many institutions, artists and producers in each of the countries hosting the residences.

The artistic territory

South America is a region historically familiar to collaborative dynamics and is going though a particularly fertile landscape for creations, generating global interest through its performing arts productions.

The act of documenting and making public, within the region and internationally, productions of 51 of his artists is a unique opportunity to address this interest and to place South American creations in a broader context. STILL_MÓVIL attached to this initiative values such as mobility and unprecedented co-authorship by artists, which make the project even more original.

Some of the most prominent networks, organizations, cultural institutions and cultural funders in South America are linked to this project, also creating an added value of union and mutual understanding of the sector, strengthening the bonds of trust and collective experience, which will stimulate future collaborations.