Esteban Donoso

(In order to transmit their personal character of these texts, they are presented here in their original language.)


I had been living in Quito for a couple of years after completing my MFA in the U.S. when I collaborated with Manuel. I was feeling insulated and constrained by the lack of collaboration and artistic pursuit in the surroundings. I was remindes and amazed about the amount of information every day-ness can offer us. I spend the day with Manuel, talked a lot, had lunch, showed him my apartment, we went to buy movies on a store nearby. During that time I was strangely confronted with my artistic practices and questioning my own procedures this far. We wondered about presence and spontaneity with the material we had most readily available : our bodies, our words, this time and this place, this city, this house. It was sort of like an appearance of some sort, It momentarily contextualized a lot of the things I had been struggling to put into perspective, and then I went back to regular life….

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In general terms, I am interested in the body as a reality that cannot be fully grasped or identified, I like to place the performers in situations that seem absurd so that its hard to determine what their proceedings are.

My research includes psychoanalytic views about the subject and spectatorship, and references to cinema. I am attracted to detail and I love to zoom-in in all the minutia of the experience of moving, I wonder how subtleties and details get transmitted in a live form as dance.

In my later work I have become quite interested in the domestic and in every day gestures, actions, situations, It seems they can become very absurd after looking at them closely. This new interest is also linked to an idea of “démodé” and kitsch elements I seem to come across with, this can apply to movement material, actual objects, or just the logic of the choreography.


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Top: Como mirar la t.v. y bailar al mismo tiempo Photo by Alex Schlenker

Middle: Natalia Granja Photo by Pamela

Bottom: Corrales Talia Baila Photo by Dan James